(Deprecated) Amazon Fire TV Monetization (Deprecated) Amazon Fire TV Monetization

(Deprecated) Amazon Fire TV Monetization

Zype supports the following monetization options out of the box for the Amazon Fire TV app endpoint. Review below for step-by-step guidance on setting up monetization for your Amazon Fire TV channel.

1. Monetizing your Amazon Fire TV app through advertising:

  1. Obtain a valid, production VAST or VPAID ad tag from a third party solution
  2. Add your ad tag to the platform and properly configure it following these guidelines
  3. Manage ad timings on your videos following these guidelines 

2. Monetizing your Amazon Fire TV app with Universal Subscription: 

  1. Create a Stripe account
  2. Create a subscription
  3. Enable your videos to require a subscription
  4. Make sure Universal Subscription is turned "on" within your app. (image below)