Amazon Fire TV - Java Based App - Images Amazon Fire TV - Java Based App - Images

Amazon Fire TV - Java Based App - Images

You will need to have the following images prepared before you can save and publish your Amazon Fire TV app using the Amazon Fire TV App Builder. Below we’ve outlined both optional and required image assets. We've also included a checklist at the end of this article so that you can make sure to have all the necessary assets ready when you build your Amazon Fire TV app.

Image Assets

Header Logo


Your header logo is placed at the top right or center of your app. We recommend having a transparent background so the logo lays nicely on the background.

  • Maximum height: 175px, JPEG or 24-bit PNG (transparency optional)

Playlist Thumbnails


For each playlist you create that will live within your Amazon Fire TV app, you will need to attach an image to it.

  • Image Requirements: 250 x 141px, JPEG or PNG (no transparency)

How to Configure

Follow these guidelines to properly configure your playlist images. These thumbnails can be edited before, during or after your app has been submitted and will automatically update within your app. 

Slider Images (optional)

Slider images are used to promote a specific playlist or video from the homepage of your app. If a user clicks on a slider on your homepage, they will be directed to that playlist or video.


 If you'd like to go ahead and set your sliders up, please follow these guidelines to add sliders to your app. We'll also include these guidelines in an email to you once you receive your app package at the end of this flow.

These sliders can be added and edited at any time before app submission, after app submission, or while your app is live in the marketplace; all edits to sliders will update in real time.

  • Image Requirements: 1920 x 700px, JPG (per slider)

Amazon Images

Once you're ready to submit, you'll be asked to upload the below required and optional image assets within Amazon's submission portal. If you're looking to update any of the below images once you've already submitted, please navigate to your app in your Amazon developer account, click “Add Upcoming Version”, upload your new assets, and resubmit. Please visit Amazon's image asset documentation for a detailed explanation of these images and to ensure your images are within the Content Safe Zone.

App Store Icon 

The App Store Icon image will appear within a row of other app icons in the Fire TV user interface.


  • Image Requirements: 1280 x 720 pixels, PNG (no transparency)

Note - If your app has already been submitted, updating this image would require a resubmission.