Supported Analytics by Endpoint Supported Analytics by Endpoint

Supported Analytics by Endpoint

Analytics is a crucial component to running your video business. The Zype platform captures and presents these valuable insights to you on the analytics page within the Zype CMS. While Zype supports many types of endpoints, it is very important to understand the technical requirements for your web players, mobile or set-top apps, feeds, etc. that make it possible for Zype to collect analytics on the performance of your video endpoints and consumers.

Please review this before choosing which type of endpoints to use for your video channels because there are differences between which analytics are supported by each endpoint.


Endpoints that support Zype Analytics:

  • Zype Web Player

Endpoints that do not yet support Zype Analytics:

  • Zype set-top App SDKs - Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku



Analytics Metric Zype Web Player Third-party Players (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) Zype Set Top App SDKs Zype Mobile App SDKs Custom Set Top & Mobile Apps  Third-Party Feed-based Endpoints (e.g. Opera TV, Xumo)
Video Player Impressions      



Use the analytics table from the Analytics Overview HC article: