Embedding a Playlist Embedding a Playlist

Embedding a Playlist

Each playlist that you create has a snippet of code located under the "Embed Code" tab. You can navigate to this tab by selecting the playlist you want to embed and clicking the "embed code" tab. The "embed code" tab will appear with several options like embed format, auto play, auto loop, and selecting embed colors



Using the Embed Code

Using the embed code is easy – just click the Copy to Clipboard button and paste the snippet where you’d like your video to go on your site.

The embed codes are designed to be dropped into a web page, wherever you need them. We hope you use this feature to get up and running with Zype videos on your site in the blink of an eye!

Advanced Options 

Use advanced options to customize the way your playlist will look. You're able to add hex codes to change the playlist, font color, and thumbnails colors. 

Monetizing the Embed Code 

Playlists will automatically pull the monetization that is setup within each video. For example, if the 1st video is free and the 2nd requires a subscription viewers can watch the 1st video then the subscription paywall will appear before the 2nd video plays.