Creating an Xbox App for Delivering Content Creating an Xbox App for Delivering Content

Creating an Xbox App for Delivering Content

The Zype REST API allows you to develop a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application for playing your Zype-hosted videos on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 video game consoles. It comes complete with detailed documentation to guide you in your application development efforts on both devices and various other platforms, including iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and PlayStation 4

The Zype REST API allows you to:

  • Quickly build set-top apps without having to worry about content management, ingestion, or transcoding.
  • Segment your applications and core data security.
  • Provide authentication to your users with a standards-based API using OAuth.
  • Manage device activations using universal sign-in.
  • Learn about how your apps are used with enhanced player analytics per app.

Before creating your app, you should have the following things on hand.

  • Images to be used for the app.
  • The content structure, or playlists, of your videos, as set up on your Zype account.
  • Optionally, you should already have configured monetization for your videos.
  • Resources well-versed in UWP app development on your team.

If you do not have any development experience or access to developer resources for creating a UWP app, you can discuss your need for technical services with your Zype Account Executive.

To start developing a UWP app that will play your Zype videos on either the Xbox One or Xbox 360, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Manage Apps.

  2. On the Manage Apps page, click Create an App.

  3. On the Create an App page, click either Xbox One or Xbox 360.

  4. On the Create an Xbox App Profile page, click the Create Xbox App Profile button.

  5. Zype  then creates your Xbox app profile, allowing you to authenticate to the Zype platform and track your player requests from your UWP app. Zype also generates your OAuth ID to be used for authenticating your consumers, getting the videos from the platform, and displaying them on your UWP app.

    Click the Manage your App button to view examples of how to connect your UWP app to the Zype API.

    Click the View Credentials link to view or copy the OAuth credentials for authenticating to the Zype platform.

To know more about Zype's REST API and see how it can help in your application development efforts, see the Zype Developer Portal.

For more information on setting up monetization for your video content, see Getting Started with Monetization.

For more information on developing for Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform, click here.