Managing Transactions Managing Transactions

Managing Transactions

To view the details of your purchase, rental, pass plan, and redemption code transactions, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Make Money.

  2. On the Monetization page, click Transactions.

  3. On the Transactions page, the total number of transactions involving your video content is displayed on the top left, with a breakdown by transaction type (purchases, rentals, passes, and redemptions) to the right. All transactions involving your video content are listed on a table below, ordered by date. Other information shown on the table include the consumer's email address, the title of the video bought, rented, or redeemed by the consumer, the playlist title, the pass plan name, transaction amount, transaction type, and status.


    To search for a transaction, enter the consumer name or video title on the Search box, then click Search.

    To export your transactions to a CSV file that you can then import into another program, click Export CSV. The CSV file will then be generated on the fly, then downloaded onto your computer.

    To view or edit a consumer's details, click the email address under the Consumer column.

    This will display the consumer's Details page, where you can change the consumer record, view all of the consumer's activities on your Zype channel, view all analytics related to the consumer, view recent logins, and view linked devices (for more information on device linking, see Managing Consumer Device Linking).

    To view a video's details, click its title under the Video column. This will take you to the video's page on your Video Library. For more information, see Video Details.

    There are also analytics reports related to your transactions. For more information, see Total Transactions and New Transactions.