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Category Targeted Ad Tags


Ad Tags can now be targeted by Video Category. This option appears in the “target” dropdown where you can select other targeting options: “device category”, “all devices”, or “device”

Selecting a Video Category target exposes on page the usual “category value selection” fields. The user can select category values to match to the ad tag. A “Video Category” targeted ad tag cannot be saved if there are no category values selected.

Also: a “weight” field is exposed – The user can assign a prioritization weight to the ad tag such that it will be prioritized above other Video Category ad tags with the same values. Higher weight = more prioritized. There are no validations in place stopping a user from creating multiple category ad tags with the same values --- the “weight” field takes care of this.

In other parts of the platform we allow options for “match any” vs “match all” or “exclude these” . Video Category ad tag matching ONLY supports “match any”

All of our previous Ad Tag Targeting options are “device specific”, “Video Category” is the first option that exists outside this paradigm.

Because “Video Category” is more granular than other targeting options – this match type is prioritized. If one exists - a matching Video Category ad tag will always be selected over the device/device-category/all-devices ad tags.