Developing with Zype's Endpoint API Service Developing with Zype's Endpoint API Service

Developing with Zype's Endpoint API Service

What are Endpoint Apps?

An endpoint app refers to any content destination where consumers can view your video content, such as OTT apps, mobile apps, and web apps.

Developing Endpoint Apps with the Endpoint API Service

There are three ways you can develop endpoint apps on the Zype platform using the Endpoint API Service:

  1. Zype’s App Production Tools allow power push-button app creation on both the web and major app platforms such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku. They provide a user-friendly workflow to configure display, content settings, and monetization options. These are ideal for content managers since they do not require any development work.
  2. Zype’s App SDKs are open-source app SDK templates for the iOS and Android mobile platforms, and the WordPress blogging platform. App SDKs allow developers to leverage a feature-rich starting point to aid in the creation of new apps. These are ideal for software developers, as they need to be integrated into your own platforms.
  3. Zype’s Endpoint APIs allow creation of fully-custom apps for the Apple TV, XBox, PS4, Smart TV, and Vewd. Just one API among many that Zype provides for retrieving content and settings stored in the Zype VideoMeta CMS, the Endpoint APIs provide access to video content arrangement and configuration, display video content and metadata, authenticate and manage consumers, and integrate third-party services, among others. Like the SDKs, these APIs are ideal for software developers, as they might require extensive custom app development.

Capabilities of the Endpoint API Service

Using Zype’s Endpoint API Service, developers can create a rich video streaming application that includes the following features:

  • Free videos that require no authentication to watch
  • Premium videos that require subscription authentication to watch
  • Device linking and consumer account management capabilities
  • Integration with third-party CRM database for audience management
  • Returning video engagement analytics for content streamed on the app

Authenticating Endpoint Apps

Zype’s Endpoint API service utilizes the open OAuth authorization framework across all endpoint apps integrated with the Zype platform. OAuth allows secure binding of the content owner’s web properties and endpoint apps, with the latter able to pass player requests and engagement analytics back into the Zype platform.

Common Use Cases

  • Access content (videos, playlists, thumbnail images), content settings, and monetization settings to implement into endpoints
  • Support direct consumer authentication (sign in to view entitled content, link devices) in endpoint apps
  • Gather video engagement and monetization analytics from endpoint apps to be passed back to the Zype platform
  • Build custom app interfaces and navigational flows on endpoint apps supporting customization
  • Integrate third-party services into app endpoint, e.g. third-party analytics and recommendations systems
  • Integrate third-party consumer authentication into app endpoint, e.g. utilizing your own consumer database for authentication.
  • Monetize your app by providing ad tags from your preferred ad network provider, e.g. YuMe, SpotX, Google DFP, and Tremor.
  • Allow consumers to subscribe to remove ads during viewing experience
  • TV Everywhere (TVE) authentication (via 3rd party partner such as Adobe Primetime or Synacor Cloud ID (currently unsupported, though it might be possible to integrate directly with a TVE provider).

Developing with the Endpoint API Service


To use Zype’s Endpoint API service, you need to have the following:

  • A paid Zype account with Endpoint APIs for each deployed endpoint app.
  • Video content for display in an endpoint app. You should already have imported and/or uploaded videos into your Zype account, organize your videos into playlists, and configured the monetization settings for your videos.
  • Account credentials for each app marketplace intended for publishing (for app submission and publishing purposes).

To Create a Custom App

  1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Manage Apps.
  2. Click Create an App.
  3. On the Choose a Platform page, select which endpoint apps you would like to activate.
  4. Once you have selected an endpoint, you can complete the publishing workflow. You will then get an app bundle which you can use as the base template for your new app.
  5. Once you have activated an endpoint app on the Zype platform, go to Tools>API Keys to view all app keys provisioned to access the endpoint APIs for each of your endpoint apps. App keys allow developers to create app integrations using your unique Zype Platform data. They can also be used for read-only access and player requests; the latter allows reporting of detailed analytics activity per app.
  6. Visit Zype’s developer portal to access detailed API documentation for the Endpoint API Service.

To try out custom app development with Zype’s Endpoint API Service, you need to request a demo and sign up for a new Zype account.

For more information on creating various web applications with the Zype Endpoint API Service, click here.