Zype Playout Overview Zype Playout Overview

Zype Playout Overview

What is Zype Playout

Zype Playout allows customers to easily program 24/7 linear live channels using playlists of videos in the Zype platform. Playout Channels can be streamed out as HLS or RTMP streams to your website, native OTT apps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, vMVPDs, or any other destination that can accept HLS or RTMP stream protocols.

When creating a Playout Channel in Zype, customers go through a simple set of steps to select a source playlist, schedule a future start and end date/time for the broadcast, and select whether the channel should loop or not. Customers can also select which destinations to stream the Playout broadcast to amongst their preconfigured streaming targets.

Defining Common Playout Terms

  • Playout Channel - a single linear live channel with the same programming capable of being broadcast simultaneously to any number of RTMP or HLS based destinations.
  • Zype-hosted videos - On-demand videos that are uploaded, transcoded, and delivered by Zype. Note: Only Zype-hosted videos are supported for Playout Channel creation.
  • Playlist - A curated set of videos that are organized into a playlist in the Zype platform.
  • Looping - A setting on Playout Channels that determines whether the broadcast will continously loop back to the beginning after reaching the final video in its source playlist.
  • Program Rundown - A linear view of the videos in a playlist, showing an estimated start and end broadcast time for each video based on the Playout Channel's scheduled broadcast time.
  • Playout Destination - An IP-based location that a Playout Channel will be broadcast to.
  • RTMP - A common streaming protocol that stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol, typically used when sending a broadcast to an encoder that will handle its own transcoding and delivery.
  • HLS - A common streaming protocol that stands for HTTP Live Streaming, typically used when distributing to endpoints where a fully encoded, viewer delivery-ready stream is needed.

Prerequisites for Using Zype Playout

Zype Playout is a premium module available for Zype customers. To launch a 24/7 linear channel with Zype Playout you must have:

  • Access to a Zype account in good standing
  • Unlocked the premium Playout module in Zype
  • Zype-hosted videos in your library, organized into playlists for programming looping Playout channels
  • Ability to configure encoder URLs and stream keys for RTMP streaming destinations (e.g., Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  • Ability to configure ingestion settings, and start and stop streams in these streaming destinations

How to Get Started

If you already have access to the Zype Playout module, please check out our next few articles to help you start broadcasting your first Playout channel!

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Contact your Zype account manager or our support team if you already have a Zype account and are interested in purchasing Zype Playout.

If you don’t work with Zype yet, but would like to use Zype Playout, please request a demo.