Welcome to the Zype family. We're happy to have you! Check out below for what you can expect with the Zype Onboarding experience.

What is included in Zype Onboarding

We're excited to get you up speed with the platform! If you've chosen to go through Zype onboarding, you will receive the following training in a one-hour training session:

  • How to access your account settings
  • How to add users to your Zype account for additional team access
  • Introduction to the major features within the Zype platform
  • How to track your platform usage
  • How to update and manage your billing preferences
  • Access to Zype's Knowledge Base
  • Access to Zype's Developer Portal
  • Access to Zype's Support Portal, including training on submitting your first support ticket
  • Scheduling of your first quarterly check in w/ Customer Success Manager

Be sure to check out our entire Help Center for documentation on all parts of our platform, and don't hesitate to reach out at support@zype.com with questions.

What is not included in Zype Onboarding

If you need additional training or configuration and integration support, we have a dedicated team that extends beyond Onboarding that can provide full Go To Market Program Management.

Interested in leveraging that team? Just ask your Customer Success Manager to get started. Some common uses cases beyond Onboarding include: 

  • Zype Platform Configuration Support - Supplement standard onboarding with advanced metadata ingestion, configuration, and curation
  • Consumer Data Import and 3rd Party Payment Processor Integrations - Architecting and/or importing a 3rd party consumer CRM and/or payment processing with Zype's entitlement management service
  • API Integrations and Solutions Architecture - Guidance and architecture around using Zype's APIs for website and backend process integration
  • Application and Endpoint Publishing - Producing, packaging, or publishing Zype templated apps or fully custom apps in contracted engagements
  • Live Broadcast Configuration, Monitoring, and Streaming Support - Live broadcasting configuration, Linear Playout configuration, testing, event monitoring, dedicated live event support
  • Paywall Monetization Support - Setup, testing, and optimization of subscription- or transaction-based paywall monetization configurations
  • Ad Operations Support - Configuration, testing, and optimization of customer-provided ad tags for either client side or server side ad delivery
  • Subscriber Migration Services - Migrate / Import an existing database of subscribers from a 3rd party payment processor into Stripe, Braintree or Recurly
  • Data Processing and Custom Reporting - Any custom data processing and reporting outside of data available to customers as part of Zype's Analytics service (admin and API analytics)
  • Go To Market and Program Management Service - General go-to-market program management to help customers launch on time and within budget