Q: How soon can I get started with Zype?

A: You can expect your Zype account to be set up within 1 business day. 


Q: Are participants visible when live streaming?

A: No, this is a broadcast where your live stream is sent to viewers but they are not visible as in a video conference, but if you do want your participants to be visible you can set this up by utilizing the RTMP stream through Zoom. 


Q: Can we have multiple classes live at the same time? Is there a limit to how many trainers can be live at one time?

A: Yes, you can live stream multiple classes or instructors at the same time. Zype can provide multiple encoders. We have customers running up to 20 live events concurrently. 


Q: Do you support mobile applications or apps on Roku?

A: Zype supports a full range of apps but it would require upgrading to a standard plan we offer and not included in the Zype X Package.


Q: Do I need a website prior to purchasing Zype X?

A: Yes you will need a website that you have access to/can edit in order to paste the web embed codes from the Zype platform in order to stream to your site. 


Q: Do free transactions count as transactions?

A: Nope! They do not count and there is no usage cost against them.


Q: Does Zype offer other packages?

A: Yes, we do offer other packages with other capabilities, such as access to connected TV and mobile app templates. If you’re looking for something more advanced, please reach out to us and we can walk you through the other packages.


Q: What kind of internet connection is required to stream in high quality?

A: A high speed internet line should be used and not a cellular connection. It’s recommended to be hard wired (plug into internet) as opposed to wireless connection.


Q: When do I receive payments from users purchasing access?

A: Your payment processor pays any transactions to you directly and usually within 24 hours.


Q: Are there any additional upfront costs? Set up fees?

A: There or no additional upfront fees, no set up fees. Your first month of platform use is free and we are offering $500 in usage credit.


Q: How can I get support from Zype?

A: You can contact our support team by sending an email to support@zype.com. Your plan includes e-mail support with our team, Monday-Friday from 6am to 8pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 9am to 6pm.