Every Section in your Brand must specify a layout that the application will use to determine how to display the contents of the section. Layouts may also need to be configured on Collections, Playlists, and even individual Content objects, depending on how you organize your application.

How to Use

When configuring layouts, you will be asked to define a separate layout for use on CTV platforms (which is also used for the desktop Web App) and mobile platforms. The layouts used for the mobile web app are not currently configurable. These settings are found in the Metadata for each section or content object:

Metadata - 5 (1).png

When using a Regionalized Configuration, you will have the ability to specify different layouts per locale. This is important because many layouts include certain styling options which may contain background images or logos that incorporate text that must be Localized.

Layout Types

CTV Apps & Desktop Web App

The available layouts on CTV platforms (and desktop web) include:

  • Standard Grid
  • Spotlight
  • Jumbo Grid
  • Detail View
  • Full Screen
  • Hero Slider

Mobile Apps

The available layouts on mobile app platforms (not including mobile web) include:

  • Standard Grid
  • Full Tile
  • Square Tile
  • List
  • Mosaic
  • Full Cards
  • Square Cards
  • Full Screen
  • Image Chooser
  • Text Chooser
  • Hero Slider
  • Simple Grid

Note: Since in the Full Screen layout the original image of the thumbnail is centered and displayed as is in the cell and the height of the cell is directly proportional to the screen height, some cropping of the thumbnail is inevitable.

EPG Layouts

In addition to the layouts listed above that are generally available on section and content objects, the "Program Guide" special section type also offers layouts that are designed specifically for displaying Channels:

  • EPG Grid
  • EPG List (mobile only)

See the Electronic Program Guides documentation for more information.

Using Layouts

Some layouts (such as Standard Grid) are designed to display multiple groups of content within them. These groups are displayed as rows, with the child items of each group displayed as an item with a thumbnail and optional title.

Other layouts (such as Simple Grid, List, etc.) are designed to display only a single group of items. These items may be groups themselves, such that when an app user navigates to them they will be shown a new screen containing the group's child objects, laid out according to the layout settings that have been applied to the group itself.

The same groups and child items may be added at multiple locations within the app. The way they are represented in those locations will vary depending upon the layout settings specified by the parent group that has placed the object at that specific location. However upon navigating into the child group, its appearance will be consistent throughout the application - regardless of which path the app user used to navigate to that location.

Mobile Layouts Limitation

The following layouts does NOT support Square thumbnails:

  1. Full Tile

  2. Mosaic

  3. List

  4. Full Screen

  5. Image Chooser

  6. Text Chooser

  7. Simple Grid

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