Editing and Deleting Channel Destinations Editing and Deleting Channel Destinations

Editing and Deleting Channel Destinations

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You can edit or remove existing Channel Destinations from the All Channels view by hovering over the destination within the channel card and selecting to open the destination details.



Once in the destination details view, you can enable or disable your destination or ads on the destination. If you already have ads enabled, you can also adjust your ad slate, your ad decision server, or your custom ad parameters. Selecting “Update Destination” will ensure your updates are applied to your destination, and you should see the changes reflected almost immediately.



If you’d like to remove or delete a destination from your channel (rather than just disabling it) you can select the garbage bin icon at the bottom left of the destination details view. You will not be able to delete destinations for any channel that is in the on-air state. See also Channel States.



Once you have deleted a destination, your channel will no longer be able to distribute to this destination. If you wish to use it as a destination on that channel in the future, you’ll need to create and enable it as a brand new destination.