We believe awesome opportunities to help us improve and innovate our product come from our customers. In order to best meet your needs, we need to understand your use case and requirements. In Playout 2.0, you’ll see the option to “Add Feedback” by selecting the red feedback tab on the right of any view. 


Selecting this gives you the option to select the portion of the product you’d like to share feedback on. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be able to share your comment.


Remember that in assessing issues or gaps in our product, it’s helpful to have as much information as possible; please leave as much detail in your comments as possible. The feedback tool will also capture the following additional information: product screenshot (according to your selection), sender comment (as entered in the comment field), sender email address (as entered in the email field), screen size, browser, and page URL.

Once submitted, feedback is shared with our Product team for processing and evaluation. Submitting feedback does not necessarily mean our team will address it, but we may reach out to you to discuss it further. Remember to always reach out to support@zype.com with any immediate issues or support needs.