Adding Assets to the Timeline Adding Assets to the Timeline

Adding Assets to the Timeline

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You can begin programming content by selecting assets from the Asset Panel below the Timeline, to the left. See also Introduction to the Asset Panel.


Once you select an asset by clicking on the title or the asset handle at left, you can drag it to the desired future start time and drop it into the Timeline. You will not be able to add content that begins in the past, or assets that have a duration of five or fewer seconds. Once you have programmed an asset in the Timeline, we will refer to it as an Item. 

The start and end times of your programmed item will automatically appear when you hover over the item, or if you select “Inspect”. Selecting “Inspect” or the programmed item will pull up the item details in the Inspector Panel below the Timeline, to the right. You can unselect an item by clicking anywhere outside the item block.

Add multiple assets to the Timeline by following the same steps. Newly programmed items will automatically “snap” to align with existing items or hash marks. You can use the Zoom Tool for more granular programming. See also Zoom Granularity.

For information on editing programmed assets (track items), continue to Editing Items in the Timeline