Items in the Timeline can be looped to provide a convenient way to repeat content rather than have to program it into your timeline over and over again manually. You can set videos, playlists, or program blocks to repeat in “loops” for continuous broadcasting, or add gaps in between loops for a variety of programming.

Loops can be configured in the Inspector Panel under the Loops section by first setting Loops to “Yes”. Entering any numeric quantity for Number of Loops will automatically set your loop count with the loop number being equivalent to the total number of plays.


Hovering over a looped item in the Timeline will show you information about the item, including the loop count. This is particularly useful when programming using large loop counts.


You can also set gaps in between your loops. These gaps can be filled on either the base or priority track, making it easy to create long running linear playout blocks with special events, interesting content, or stunts in between. Setting any numeric quantity for Seconds Between Loops will automatically add the defined number of seconds between each repetitive loop, allowing you to program content in between each loop. 

In the below example, a gap time of 300 seconds (5 minutes) has been set between each loop.


The 5-minute gap between loops can be seen better when zoomed in: