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Firebase Configuration on Android Follow

This article provides the steps required to enable or disable Firebase in the Zype Android codebase. By default, it’s disabled.


To Enable the firebase in the Zype template, please follow the below steps"

  1. Set FIREBASE_ENABLED to true in the app `build.gradle` file

  2. Download the google-services.json file from the Firebase console, make sure you have configured the same application id in firebase as you will be setting it in the template application id placeholder

  3. Once the google-services.json file is downloaded, place it in the `app` folder.

  4. If the configuration is correct, there won’t be any compilation issues and the project will build as expected. Any future app crashes will be reported to the Firebase console.


To Disable the Firebase in the Zype template, pls follow the below steps:

  1. Set FIREBASE_ENABLED to false in the app `build.gradle` file

  2. Delete the google-services.json file from the project if still present


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