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Introduction to Smart TV

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Zype's Smart TV app profile makes it possible for developers to build, customize, and distribute your content to your audience while providing the best possible user experience. This section provides recommendations to help you structure and monetize your content to best reach your video business goals. You'll also find guidelines to successfully test and submit your app to the Samsung marketplace.  



Prerequisites for Zype 

If you are building an app for the first time, visit our Introduction to Applications and Distribution to get started.

To successfully test and submit your Samsung app there are a few requirements you need to make sure to complete in the Zype platform. Before you can build and submit your app to the Samsung marketplace for approval you must do the following:

1. Import your content into your Zype library

2. Add video details to content


3. Organize your videos into playlists

4. Create playlist relationships 


If you plan to make money from your content through Roku, visit our Monetization section to learn about all the types of monetization Zype supports.

*Note - setting up monetization for your content is not required to submit your app.

Visit our Partner Marketplace to build your Smart TV. 



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