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Configure "Poster" Style Thumbnails for Videos Follow

You can now manage configuration of “Poster” style thumbnails in the Zype admin. Poster style thumbnails are portrait orientation thumbnail images (think DVD box covers) as opposed to the default 16:9 landscape thumbnail orientation.

This is useful for customers who have large video/TV libraries and want to display poster style thumbnails in app and web endpoints that are configured to support portrait orientation. To configure poster style thumbnails read on below.

Step 1

Settings for poster thumbnails are first configured at the playlist level, since all videos within a playlist displayed in an app endpoint will have the same thumbnail orientation. You can visit the playlist details tab and access a thumbnail orientation setting using the "Thumbnail Layout" dropdown.


Step 2

Once orientation is selected for a playlist, each individual video within the playlist should also have a corresponding poster thumbnail to display.

You can upload a new related image within the “thumbnails” tab for a video and set the proper orientation for that image (e.g., landscape vs poster). Scroll to the bottom of the thumbnails tab to view the "Related Images" section. After uploading a new portrait orientation image, select the "Poster" layout for that image.


Good to know

Thumbnail orientation is new metadata for related images that’s included as part of the video API response. Currently, only the latest Roku app template is configured to support poster orientation out of the box. We will eventually include support for all major endpoints.


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