Configure "Poster" Style Thumbnails for Videos Configure "Poster" Style Thumbnails for Videos

Configure "Poster" Style Thumbnails for Videos

Chris Smith Chris Smith

You can configure “Poster” style thumbnails in the Zype admin. Poster style thumbnails are portrait orientation thumbnail images (vertical orientation, similar to DVD box covers) as opposed to the default 16:9 landscape thumbnail orientation. These are supported on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV (Java), iOS mobile, and Android mobile.

Step 1

Settings for poster thumbnails are first configured at the parent playlist level, since all videos within a playlist (or child playlists) displayed in an app endpoint will have the same thumbnail orientation. You can visit the parent playlist details tab and access a thumbnail orientation setting using the "Thumbnail Layout" dropdown.


Step 2

Once orientation is selected for a playlist, each individual video within the playlist should also have a corresponding poster thumbnail to display.

Within the "Thumbnails" tab for a video, scroll to the bottom of the thumbnails tab to view the "Related Images" section. Upload a new related image and for the layout column, select the "poster" option from the dropdown. 

A 9:16 ratio is required to ensure your image is not cropped or distorted.


Step 3

Once the Zype admin has been configured for poster style thumbnails and you've uploaded your assets, you'll want to make sure your applications reflect this. Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV (Java) apps will support the poster style thumbnail immediately. Mobile apps like iOS mobile and Android mobile also require app-side configuration to complete poster thumbnail support. You can read more about how to configure this for mobile apps HERE