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You can import events and clips, one at a time, to your Zype account. An event is a live event that is currently streaming while a clip is a recorded video.

During import, you may choose to auto-add a video to your Video Library, in which case the video goes directly to your Video Library. You may choose not to auto-add the video so that you can review it first before adding it to your library.

To import a video from to your Zype account, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Import & Upload, then on the Import & Upload page, click

  2. On the Import from Livestream page, enter the URL of the video to be imported, then its title and description.

  3. By default, the Add Video option is toggled On, meaning that the video will automatically be added to your Video Library and have access to all features of the Zype platform. You may toggle Off this option.

    If you choose not to automatically add a video to your Video Library, you will have to go back and manually add the imported video to your library and manually activate it.

  4. Click Add Livestream Video.


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