Player rules are a set of explicit requirements that target a specific segment of your audience based on the player types your consumers are using to access your video content, the devices on which your players are run, what thumbnail images are loaded for the player, and the locations of your consumers. If a player rule is not set up for the players, devices, or geographic locations of your consumers, your viewers will not be able to watch your videos.

Thumbnail images are rendered based on player rule weights. The thumbnail associated with the highest weighted player rule will be rendered. Customers will be in charge of ensuring thumbnails exist for their highest weighted player rule in order to take advantage of this.

The order of priority for thumbnails being rendered is as follows:

Custom thumbnails will be displayed with the highest priority. If there is no custom thumbnail present, then a thumbnail associated with highest weighted player will display. If no player rule is found, then first available thumbnail image is displayed.

To Create a New Player Rule

  1. On the Zype Admin Dashboard, click the Tools menu Screen_Shot_2021-02-05_at_3.05.34_PM.png at the top, then Player Rules.


  2. On the Player Rules page, click the New Player Rule button on the top right.


  3. On the New Player Rule page, enter the name and weight of the rule. To help you identify the player rule at a glance, the name should indicate what the rule is, for example, Zype Player (SVOD) Rule. The weight refers to the order in which the player rule is evaluated, with higher weights coming first in the list. The minimum weight is 0, and the maximum weight is 100.


  4. By default, the player rule is set to become active once created. You may change this by toggling off the Active button.

  5. Under the Availability section, select the countries where your content can be viewed. Selecting Global from the list will allow you to stream your content to all countries.


  6. Under the Device section, check at least one device that your viewers can use to watch your content. For example, if you want your content to be viewable on Roku devices, check the Roku box.


  7. Under the Player section, select the players that will be used to deliver your content. The options listed under this section are the players you have created previously.


  8. Click Save Changes.

To Activate/Deactivate an Existing Player Rule

To see if you have an active player rule for your video content, go to the Player Rules page and check that status under the player rule's Active column is set to Yes. Otherwise, if status under the player rule's Active column is set to No, the player rule is inactive.


To activate an inactive rule, click on the player rule, then toggle on the Active button.

To deactivate an already active rule, click on the player rule, then toggle off the Active button.

To Delete an Existing Player Rule

 Go to the Player Rules page, then click the Delete icon to the right of the player rule to be deleted.