Apple TV App Builder Template Apple TV App Builder Template

Apple TV App Builder Template

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If you do not have any development experience or access to developer resources, you can discuss your need for technical services with your Zype Account Executive.

To start developing an Apple TV app for serving your Zype videos, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Manage Apps.

  2. On the Manage Apps page, click Create an App.

  3. On the Create an App page, click the Apple TV button.

  4. On the Customize your Apple TV App page, enter your preferred title for the app. If approved, this will be the name of the app on Apple's App Store.

  5.  Select your Primary Playlist or Root Playlist as the Featured Playlist. 

  6. Optionally, select the category that will be displayed below the featured playlist on your Apple TV app's home screen. The category's values will be displayed one after the other on the app. If you choose not to select a category, Zype will display a default category on the app's home screen.

  7. Click Next.

  8. On the Preview and publish page, an overview of your app is displayed. Click the I want to self-publish button to get a bundle of your Apple TV app via email. You will then need to submit this bundle to Apple's App Store for approval. The App Store normally takes a week to approve an app for distribution.

  9. Aside from getting a bundle of your Apple TV app when you click the I want to self-publish button in Step 8, you will also be taken to a page where you can manage your app and view your OAuth ID, which is used to authenticate your consumers and allows access to your video content.

    Click the Manage your App button to go to the Self-publishing page, where you can edit your app's details, including the title, featured playlist, and featured category (if any). To edit your app's advanced settings, click the Edit Advanced Settings link on the page. Skip to Step 10.

    Click the View Credentials link to view or copy the OAuth credentials for authenticating to the Zype platform.

  10. Clicking the Edit Advanced Settings link in Step 9 opens the Apple TV App Advanced Settings page, where you can maintain your app's advanced settings, including build and publishing details. To know more, see Editing an Apple TV App's Advanced Settings.

For more information on customizing your Apple TV app with Top Playlists from the Zype platform, see Apple TV Top Playlists.

For more information on configuring Native Subscription (Native SVOD) monetization for your Apple TV app, read HERE