Resubmitting a Roku App Resubmitting a Roku App

Resubmitting a Roku App

Michael Smith Michael Smith

There may be a few updates that you've made to your Roku app through the Zype platform that will require resubmission. This documentation will walk you through how to resubmit these app updates to the Roku Channel Store. 

Here are a few reasons that you may need to resubmit: 

  1. New image assets - App Icon, Splash Image, or Overhang Logo
  2. Monetization changes - For example, if you would like to change the way you are monetizing your app from advertising to subscription, In-App Subscription to Universal Subscription, or any combination of these, you would need to resubmit your app.
  3. Bug fixes 
  4. New Roku SDKs or app features - If marketplace requirements change, or Zype rolls out new app features, these may not be available on your legacy app without resubmission.

Step 1: Get a New App Bundle

You'll need to start by downloading your new Roku app package from the Zype platform. Navigate to Step 6 - Save and Publish of the Roku App Builder, and click Get New Bundle at the bottom of the Save and Publish step. Your updated app package will be emailed to you.

Once you've downloaded the updated bundle:

1. Unzip it and open the manifest file in a text editor (TextEdit, Sublime Text, etc.) of your choice.


2. In your text editor, update the following attributes to increment the channel package version number and save the changes.

major_version=[major portion of the channel version] 
[minor portion of the channel version]
[build number]

Below is an example of resubmitting channel version 1.1.0.


3. Back in Finder, compress the app in a new folder. The end result will be a new file named


Step 2: Rekey Your App

Please refer to this article and its steps to complete the rekey process. 

Step 3: Upload the New App Package 

Continue following the below steps to complete the resubmission process for Roku: 

1. Log into your Roku Developer Account.


2. From the top navigation, select Developer Site. From your Developer Site, you're going to click on Manage My Channels.


3. Find the app that you would like to resubmit, and click Preview and Update.


5. From the Preview and Upload page, you are going to select Package Upload from the dropdown.


6. Please make sure to choose a new Channel Version from the dropdown that is a higher version than the Roku app that is currently live. Roku will reject your app if the version is not changed. Then, take the rebundled app package that was emailed to you, and upload the .pkg file of your app by clicking Upload a package (see above image). 

7. Click Save at the bottom of the page and navigate back to Preview and Publish page.

8. From the Preview and Publish page, there will be a Submit for Publishing button at the bottom of the page. Click to complete the resubmission process.  

Note - Roku typically takes 5 business days to approve the resubmission of app updates.