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Automate content import into your video library by syncing an MRSS feed or YouTube channel Follow


One of the most popular ways customers simplify managing video content with Zype is by syncing their videos through Youtube and MRSS feeds.  

How does syncing work?


When you import videos from Youtube to Zype, you have two options: connect your Youtube account, or search for content or a channel to import from. As you add videos to your youtube account and channel, Zype pulls that content into the platform via API calls. These calls happen nightly so you won't see the added content in your Zype account until the following day. 

MRSS Feeds

Similar to Youtube, MRSS feeds are pulled into the Zype platform when new content is added. Syncing with MRSS happens on hourly or daily, depending on the source.  

What do I need to do to sync my content?

If you are importing your content from Youtube into Zype, there's no additional tasks you need to complete. Zype manages these tasks and automatically makes the updates for you. The only requirement on your part is to remember that syncing does not happen in real-time. Read Youtube Imports to learn more. 

Importing through MRSS feeds requires a subscription tier of Network or above. Read about MRSS feeds to learn more, or contact Support to upgrade today!


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