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Monetize your Roku App with Advertising Follow

In order to monetize your videos with ads, you need to provide Zype with a valid ad tag. You can get an ad tag from your SSP or ad server. We support VAST, VPAID, and VMAP ad protocols. You can view more information on which ad protocols are supported across specific endpoints here.

We strongly recommend using a secure (https) ad tag in order to maximize ad delivery across web and OTT endpoints.

Once you’ve secured an ad tag, the below steps will take you through how to add the tag into the Zype platform and either enable advertising for all of your endpoints or just your Roku app endpoint.

Adding Ad Tags


To enable advertising for all devices (i.e. Web, Apple iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), select All Devices from the Target drop down list.

To enable advertising for only set-top apps (i.e. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. but not Web and Mobile), target the ad tag to be By Device Category and then choose OTT from the Target drop down list.


To enable advertising for only your Roku app, target the ad tag to be By Device and select the specific device from the Device drop down list. Because this article is catered to monetizing your Roku app, we will go ahead and select Roku.

Ad Timings (optional)

Pre-roll ads are already pre-configured upon import and upload of your video content, but you also have the option to configure the exact time placement of ads on a per video basis through the Ad Timings setting.

Enable Advertising in the Roku App Builder

Once you have added an ad tag to your Zype account and configured ad timings (optional), you need to make sure to toggle advertising ON while going through the Roku App Builder flow (Step 4 - Monetization).


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