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Make a Live Stream Available in Your VOD Library Using Trim and Archive Tools Follow

Once your livestream is complete, you can use Zype's trim tool to create VOD content with a few clicks. 

Trim Your Livestream

1. On Page 5 of the Live Event wizard, click End Broadcast once your event is finished. Click Yes on the confirmation message to end your broadcast.

2. On Page 6 of the Live Event wizard, adjust the start and end time of your broadcast to remove unwanted segments from the live stream, then click Looks Good to save the recorded video.


NOTE: Trimming a live stream takes effect immediately after clicking Looks Good and, once completed, cannot be reversed.

Embed your VOD Content to your Site

On the last page of the Live Event wizard, click Create Archive to create an archived copy of the event video for on-demand viewing. To download a copy of your broadcast using ffmpeg, copy the command on the lower right box, then paste it into a terminal. 


Once you've created your archive, Zype will being creating your VOD content. Follow the steps to embed a video to your site once the archive is complete.


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