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Own Your Branding on the Web Follow


Player Branding

Give the desktop and mobile web player a personal touch by uploading your logo or branding to be displayed in the corner of the Zype player. For detailed instructions, visit Player Branding.


Player Messaging

Customize the web and mobile player message that is displayed to your audience if a video cannot be served. We have outlined a few scenarios for when a video may not be able to serve so that you can customize the messaging per scenario. For detailed instructions, visit Player Messaging.


Customizing Video Embeds

Customize the features and look of your monetized embeds with extra embed settings. For detailed instructions, visit Customize your Video Embeds.


Enable Social Sharing

Allow viewers to easily share your videos on Facebook and Twitter by enabling social sharing on the web player. For detailed instructions, visit Enable Social Sharing Controls for the Zype Player.



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