Publish To Your Own Set Top Apps Publish To Your Own Set Top Apps

Publish To Your Own Set Top Apps

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Zype offers workflows to produce app bundles for a number of major set top app marketplaces. We also provide guidance on which assets are required to be submitted and approved by each corresponding Marketplace.

You'll want to work with your developer to complete the build, signing, and submission of your set top apps using Zype's templates and reference apps as a baseline. Below is a list of typically required steps that need to be completed before submitting an app to a Marketplace. Click on the links below to learn more about each step.

The Basics

Listed below are the typically required actions to complete before publishing your content to set-top apps. To ensure you've take the proper steps to meet the standards set by each application, head over to our Applications area for more detailed information on each major marketplace.

1. Add videos and update metadata in your Zype Library

2. Curate videos into playlists and set up nested relationships

3. If applicable, set up monetization options

4. Begin preparation for each set top marketplace you plan to submit to

5. Complete build, QA, signing, and submission to the app marketplace

  • You or your developer will want to follow the steps provided in our emails and recipes to complete the app build
  • You'll then want to perform QA locally to ensure no major issues are present in the app and that your content is rendering as expected
  • Finally, you should follow instructions provided by each marketplace to complete the app submission process