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Monetizing Through Vewd's Ad Network Follow

If you are planning on monetizing your content through ads, you will need to join Vewd's native ad network. 

Vewd will review your content and business strategy to determine if you will be required to sign a commercial agreement. To begin the process of joining Vewd's ad network, please visit Vewd's contact page and request to join the ad network. 

Once you email Vewd your request, here is what you can expect:

  1. The Vewd team will review your content and business as needed to determine the requirement of a commercial agreement.
  2. If your business does require a commercial agreement, the Vewd team will send you the necessary documents to review, sign, and return. 

Note: If Vewd determines you do not require a commercial agreement, you can still join their ad network. If you do not require a commercial agreement at the first review, they will periodically review your app to determine if you require the agreement in the future. 


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