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Vewd Submission: Tips & Best Practices Follow

Before submitting your app to Vewd there are a few things to keep in mind. The list below will help accelerate the go-live process for your Vewd app. 

    • Video content: Vewd requires a minimum of 25 videos in an app before publishing
    • Video descriptions: We suggest excluding URLs and links from your video descriptions. The descriptions will be visible on Vewd, but the links will not be clickable within the app.
    • Video thumbnails: If your video thumbnails have text in them, the text must be at least 18 pixels of font height.
    • Background image: We suggest using a simple, dark background for your app. The text within the app is white by default, and you want to keep it from being difficult to read.

Please use this link to review all of Vewd's app guidelines and requirements.


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