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Submitting an Amazon Fire Channel (HTML based) Follow


  • Fill out the form and click Save. You must complete every tab in the interface.
  • Availability & Pricing
    • You can choose here whether you want to charge users to download your app.
  • Description
    • These descriptions are displayed in the Amazon App Store and help users find your app.
  • Images & Multimedia
    • The small and large icons are used to display your app on the home page. This is called the Store Icon in the Zype platform.
    • For screenshots you will need to run the app locally in a browser and take screenshots. See the in the app package for instructions to run locally, or contact Zype for help.
  • Content Rating
    • Choose appropriate ratings depending on your app’s content.
  • App File(s)
    • The app files tab is where you upload your packaged app.
  • Apply Amazon DRM?
    • Yes.
  • Select the type of web app you want to submit
  • Web App Features
    • Check Prevent Sleep for Video Playback.
  • Device Support. Uncheck all items except:
    • Fire TV (2014)
    • Fire TV Stick
    • Fire TV (2015)
    • Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote
    • Amazon Fire TV Edition
    • Fire TV (Gen 3)
  • Click Save.


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